U1. Artist statement

My work is based on my passion for nature and my experience of walking in the forest, which makes me interested in the entanglements of nature, the biology of plant forms - especially fungi - and the relationship with human experience, which makes me interested in the concepts of loss and rebirth, decay and regrowth.

By going into nature and using photography and drawing to bring out the various forms in nature, and then bringing them into the printmaking process. I also take inspiration from existing photos in the world, such as images of fungi captured through a microscopic lens. Accident and experimentation are indispensable in the creation of my work, and I appreciate the unpredictability these images bring to my work. Also, I allow my drawings to go through a process, and different material transformations and surfaced explorations to bring them into new images. I usually like to create the image first, and then develop it and give it the direction I want to go in based on the effects of my experiments.

A key reference for me was the writing of Merlin Sheldrake, who explores the significance of fungi and its connection to the human experience. Additionally, Wim van Egmond's macro photography series, where he presents microorganisms and other seemingly inconspicuous life forms through an extreme close-up perspective,  it got me thinking about the entanglement of nature and human life, as well as its rebirth and regeneration. This led me to want to experiment with conveying my emotions through visual images and incorporating the sense of touch into my work in the next phase.