Moon And Stars|Exhibition



This is my first exhibition in London and the work I am exhibiting is deep in the forest, a painting inspired by a trip I took. The door in the painting represents a door in time and space and also my thoughts of home.

The world behind this door depends on the viewer himself, where you want to go through the door is up to you.

Deep In The Forest​,Mixed Media, 100 x 80 cm,2022

Artist Cooperation Project With Mouretsu Boy



Mouretsu Boy comes from a fanatical work attitude, so the idea of my creation is to hope people don’t forget life in 996 (working 9am to 9pm, 6 days a week), I hope life is not only work but also nature, plants and seagulls, just slow down a bit to get work-life balance. 

The clock on the face and the fluorescent orange color in the creation represent the feeling of anxiety, and the clock represents the repeatedly daily work and the ticking of time day after day. At the same time of the rat race and 996, time is passing away inadvertently, so this creation hopes people can slow down and find their own state more.