Shelter|Poster Design

This is a group project on climate change. Team members come from different majors and school backgrounds, some are responsible for backpack products and apps, others are responsible for the shelter fabric The basic idea of our project is to change climate change. We decided to change people’s behavior by changing the way they think.

In this project, I was mainly responsible for the visual description, making illustrations and posters to show the scenes in our hypothesis and facilitate people’s understanding in a more intuitive way. I mainly cooperated with everyone’s tasks for creation. I created three groups of posters, which distinguished the way shelter presented under extreme conditions and the state of the shelter in Smart City. Finally, the interior picture of the education space played by shelter in Smart City. This space can not only spread knowledge but also house people in need.

Brochure: 10.5×14.8cm

Poster: 59.4×42cm