Hi, my name is Huiyan Zhang from Zhengzhou, China.

I am studying illustration at Camberwell College, University of the Arts London

I use drawing and painting in my work, as a response to the creative inspiration I derive from nature and my experience. It is also an important aspect of my work to express emotion. Most of my creative inspirations come from nature and my own life. I especially like to record the moments in life with drawing.

Painting for me is sometimes more like a meditation, and the process of painting allows me to decompress and relax, especially when painting elements of nature. Through elements of abstraction within my work, I want to connect with the emotions and feelings of others. I am skilled in using colors and different tools to create the natural feature and beauty in my art. When people appreciate my work, this natural power can penetrate through the colors and paper, and have an intuitive impact on their minds.

Printmaking is the part I have been exploring and experimenting recently,I enjoy experimenting through printmaking, and finding unexpected results.
  • Where We’re Calling From, Copeland Gallery, London, 2024.
  • Impromptu, Espacio Gallery, London, 2024.
  • Dopamine art vacation, Nanjing paradise walk, Nanjing, 2023.
  • Woolwich Contemporary Print Fair – The Director’s Cut, London, 2023.
  • Full Circle, UAL, Camberwell College of Arts, London, 2023.
  • Moon And Stars, HJ Art Gallery, London, 2022.
  • Palace Of Varieties, Peckham Levels, London, 2022.
  • M Woods Art Community & David Hockey, M WOODS Hutong, Beijing, 2019.

Email:  ivyhuiyan@outlook.com  

Ins: ivyhuiyan_zhang

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